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March 31

Tue Mar 31, 2015 6:12 pm

Loop ride about 40 miles. Fawn Lake- Big Brook - Jessup River Road- Hatchery Brook (S41)- Wolf Hill (LP10)- Elm Lake- River Trail to Speculator- Lake Pleasant- Sacandaga.

1-2" new snow yesterday. If I had gotten out real early I probably would have had close to full coverage on the plowed section of JRR. At around noon some of it had melted. Attempted to go out to Mason Lake on S82C but too much bare on the hills. Other than that pretty good coverage because there was still some new snow left on the bare spots. Woods section of the river trail pretty beat- lots of bare spots. Lakes were real nice.

Should be good riding on Wednesday although most of the new snow has probably melted where it fell on bare dirt.

Re: March 31

Wed Apr 01, 2015 10:30 pm

It was very nice on Wednesday but I avoided the heavily traveled trail sections south of Perkins/east of Rt. 30. I did not go out until 2 PM. Trails had some loose snow on top - the remainder of the new snow from Monday. I found that snow off the packed trail was fairly hard even at 5 PM. Lakes I rode on were just about perfect. I took a 'tour' around the Sacandaga shoreline. Still solid. I was even able to ride quite close to the outlet. Thursday morning will probably be good but after that conditions are probably going to deteriorate significantly.
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